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Reflective of my wanderings for the past several years, I, apparently, have a two year publishing cycle!! This cycle is about to change. Great news, today! I am announcing the opening of “Shepherd’s Care” (SC). The focus of SC is to provide Pastoral Counseling and / or professional Chaplaincy services to all who ask. The links to SC will be primarily on Facebook and then here, on The Friend of Pooh.

A Pastoral Counselor is an individual that has been trained in basic counseling techniques who stays within an overarching framework consistent with their faith. I am an evangelical Christian, so, my framework would be the Holy Bible.

A professional Chaplain has usually been through 4 units of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), approximately 1600 hours of training and been certified by a nationally recognized accreditation group. In my case, I am certified by the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy and the Spiritual Care Association. I am trained to use my belief system to inform me as how to help a client resolve their conflicts, using their own belief system. As a professional Chaplain, it is not my place to force my beliefs onto a client.

A Pastoral Counselor will use tools to help guide an individual to resolve life conflicts they are experiencing through 6-8 counseling sessions (a technique known as Brief Therapy). A professional Chaplain will help an individual to use tools they do not necessarily realize they have, to find their solutions to their issues.

Check out the links to see my Facebook page, Sermons (yes, I need to update it!) and Koinonia Health website. I hope we can get together for whatever your needs are or you will refer this site to others that may be in need of someone trained to listen effectively. If you follow this site, you will receive notification of new posts (yes, significantly more frequently than every two years!) and asked to chime in on any topic you desire to speak too.

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